The Wild Bunch

Personally I don't have much special feeling about this moive.

It's definitely long and the plot is huge, composed of a series of stories. All roles seem "bravo",

and the last shootout is tremendous, so perhaps for guys, this is really exciting.

I don't like the excessive violence in it, but I marvel at Peckinpah's shooting and editing

techniques, with my assumption that there has no "computer artificiality" been invented to

modify and embellish the shots at that epoch. So I was always wondering how he did it when I

saw the sparging of blood and particularly the shot of the explosion of the timber bridge and the

falling down of those horses. I guess Peckinpah would be one of the pioneers of this kind of

violent action movies, and also, maybe editing plays an important role in it.


  1. I also was impressed by some of the shooting scenes like the falling of the man from the cliff and the horses down the river. The ending was quite exiting. I think that the ending has nothing to envy bourne supremacy or quantum of solace.

  2. well, pretty good reviews, impressing me 410 18~~ i found this place through qq apparently, just wanna say hi to you, and wish u enjoy ur life there.

    xiong nan 410 58

  3. Thanx for your comment nan. i guess 18 is my student # in 410 isn't it? i cann't believe you still remember it...410 forever.